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Sober Pod - Step 7 - The Echosode

Discussing a paragraph from the 12x12 on step 7 (see show notes for the paragraph)- We continue our conversation for step 7 of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous - And Yes, we had some technical issues, but we are posting it anyway! And thank you to everyone who joined us on SoberPod Live! Proving that “WE do together what we can not do alone.”

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Sober Pod - Step 7 - "all of me, good and bad"

In this episode, we discuss our new endeavor of broadcasting our mess on Soberpod Live (on Facebook Live). We try to ignore the camera, but it does have an effect. We gather ourselves to talk about Step 7 from Drop The Rock (book) and continue to reference the requirements it brings up for the process. Thanks again for listening!

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Soberpod - Step 4 - A moral inventory

We talk about Step 4 of Alcoholics Anonymous this month! Talking about resentments, anger, fear, self-esteem, insecurities, and all the other things that forced Carl to cry in the shower every morning in his first year of sobriety! So, welcome to the beginning of a very revealing month!

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