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Soberpod - Step 4 - Fears list

This week we discuss our fear list and talk about the multiple ways people interpret the fears list/inventory. Some fears we have deeper and more significant, while others seem trivial, no matter what they are, they all impact our lives in many ways. So, sit right back, grab your popcorn and dig right in.

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Soberpod - Scary advice - E32

Ellen, Carl, and Steve are back and asking more questions on Twitter! This time, in keeping with the Halloween theme, they asked the question “What is the scariest advice you’ve heard in or about sobriety (good or bad)?” on Twitter and Facebook and they share the responses. We hope you enjoy this Twittersode! Thank you for listening and we promise to address Carl’s foul mouth soon.

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Soberpod - Socializing Sober - E30

The usual crew is back and they are fielding the twitter question “What advice do you have for people who are socially awkward or afraid of socializing sober?” - it was a learning process for all of us. Don’t forget to check the resources for this show on the website! We hope you all have a great week!

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