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Soberpod - The Tao of Resentments - Minisode - E39

Carl calls Buddy C. to talk about resentments, podcasts, and The Tao for his minisode this week! Buddy C. is very active in online recovery and runs the email list for Transitions Daily ( and also produces “Tao of Our understanding Recovery Podcast” ( among other things. We hope you enjoy this episode and for our U.S. listeners, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

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Soberpod - Resentmisode - E36

Michael (our guest), Steve, Ellen, and Carl jump right into it and share their current resentments and what they are trying to do to work through them. Carl shares about his family. Steve shares about getting kicked in the family jewels. Michael shares about his ex. Ellen shares about her struggles with work! A well rounded ball of life and anger! Join us, won’t you? Stay active. Stay sober.

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