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Sober Pod - Step 7 - The Echosode

Discussing a paragraph from the 12x12 on step 7 (see show notes for the paragraph)- We continue our conversation for step 7 of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous - And Yes, we had some technical issues, but we are posting it anyway! And thank you to everyone who joined us on SoberPod Live! Proving that “WE do together what we can not do alone.”

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Soberpod - Episode 22

I can’t stand this episode! I hate it! It will never be good enough. Nobody will understand it and it is so awful. It can’t get any better and who do we think we are anyway? We should have prepared better… We should never release this episode... this description sucks and nobody will get it! Oh! Wait!!! You do get it!!! ;) This episode is about self-talk in recovery.

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Soberpod - Episode 16

Alex joins Steve, Carl, and Ellen as we cover her drinking "resume". Alex describes her process for getting sober and maintaining her sobriety.  After reaching her bottom at 19 years of age, Alex discusses her journey in recovery and how uncomfortable that really is. Going through a bottom in sobriety, she describes her ability to find a new life. And oh! She kills kittens!

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