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Soberpod Step 2 - Insane Vs Sane

WE are not sane! Let’s face it! Some of our lives are still very much as crazy as ever, but compared to what we once were it seems much more promising than before we stopped drinking and using. It’s about progress not perfection and Steve, Carl, and Ellen admit some glaring truths about their own recovery in this episode of soberpod! The best soberpod! Stay active. Stay sober. Thanks again fro listening!

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Soberpod - Step 2 - Atheistically Speaking

Steve takes this opportunity to explain that “you are on fire!” and not in that good way that we sometimes hear in the rooms of Alcoholic’s Anonymous. So, sit right back little kiddies as Steve explains his approach to Step 2 among many other things! AND don’t forget to tell him how much you love him on TWITTER @soberpod - He certainly sounds like he needs to hear it!

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Soberpod - Step 2 - Twittersode Insanity!

We get together to review and discuss the Twitter prompt: “Do you recall any experiences from your addiction that you would describe as insane?” (see show notes on website for link) - The responses were awesome and we look forward to more the same as we cover the 12 steps this year on soberpod! Thanks again to ArizonaLuna for your generous donation!

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